Fit Testing Confirms Protection with "A Beginner's Guide to Respiratory Fit Testing"

Does Your Respirator Protect You?

Leslie Explains Fit Testing

5 Common Mistakes Dental Professionals Make that Put Them at Risk:

  • Not wearing the respirator properly
  • Not performing a seal check
  • Not having medical clearance to wear a respirator
  • Re-using a damaged respirator 
  • Not performing initial and annual fit testing (OSHA Violation)
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The Risk is Real

When an airborne hazard is present, such as SARS-CoV-2, OSHA requires respiratory protection. Wearing a fit tested N95 respirator while performing aerosol generating procedures meets this requirement.

The Problem

Fit Testing can be costly and time consuming. Employees have to travel to a fit testing location or you must hire someone to come to your practice. And, in the current pandemic situation, you might not be able to obtain the respirator you prefer to use. You and your team will need to be fit tested each time there is a change in respirator make, model, style and/or size worn. As a result, dental professionals risk wearing respirators that do not protect them. This can lead to infection transmission and OSHA citations.

The Solution

You can do fit testing yourself. The steps are easy using

A Beginner's Guide to Respiratory Fit Testing"

To help dental practices with this new challenge, Leslie has collaborated with nationally recognized experts--Mary Govoni, Linda Harvey, and Olivia Wann--to create "A Beginner's Guide to Respiratory Fit Testing." Save time and money with this comprehensive video course that teaches you, or anyone on your team, how to perform Qualitative Fit Testing. This easy to follow program provides you peace of mind in knowing you've done everything to keep the team safe and the practice OSHA compliant.

This program includes:

  • Video on How to Perform Qualitative Fit Testing
  • Information on Regulations, Required Written Plans, and Medical Evaluations
  • Step-by-Step Checklists
  • Required Fit Test Records
  • Seal Check Poster

Note: Fit Test Kit not included. Contact your dental dealer to order a Qualitative Fit Test Kit.

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Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA, CSP

Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA, CSP

Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA is an authorized OSHA outreach trainer. As a nationally recognized dental speaker and consultant on infection control and OSHA compliance, Leslie saw a need to simplify N95 fit testing just for dental professionals. Leslie teamed with three other experts, Mary Govoni, Linda Harvey,  and Olivia Wann to create an easy to use, step by step video training system to simplify fit testing. 

Leslie, Linda, Olivia, and Mary formed an alliance called The Compliance Divas to help dental professionals understand and comply with the constantly changing sea of regulations and recommendations.